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  • Rainfrastructure

    Urban flooding—increasingly prevalent with climate change—causes extensive economic, health, social, and environmental issues. Internationally, jurisdictions including Canadian municipalities are establishing stormwater utilities to mitigate the impact of changing precipitation patterns and increased urbanization. Both Saskatoon and Kitchener, Ontario along with more than 1,400 North American jurisdictions, have implemented stormwater utilities with rates correlated to property […]

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  • Kirkland Lake Completes Wastewater Treatment Upgrades

    Kirkland Lake, Ontario has completed its Kirkland Lake Wastewater Improvement Project, which will better protect the surrounding environment and residents of the community. A celebration to mark the project’s completion was attended by municipal and federal officials on October 14. The project was funded collectively by all three levels of government, and resulted in a […]

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  • Manitoba, Ottawa Announce Support for Water Projects in Small Communities

    The federal government and the Province of Manitoba announced on October 16 that five Manitoba communities in the Interlake Region will receive funding for water and wastewater projects through the New Building Canada Plan’s Small Communities Fund. “The AMM is very pleased to be part of the selection committee tasked with making recommendations for the […]

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  • Improving access to water in Africa
    Grace used to get water for her family from a nearby stream, now there is water at her house. She took a WaterCredit loan for a rain catchment system, which she has now paid off. She uses the water for domestic chores like cleaning, laundry, and even watering a household vegetable garden. has established lending programs in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia to provide more people of Africa, like Grace, the opportunity to access improved water and sanitation facilities. This recent article provides more insight on's efforts.
  • A Town Called Bèlanje
    The people of Bèlanje, Haiti once collected unsafe water from an open spring each day; thankfully, less than one kilometer away, something happened that has changed their lives.
  • The Water Woman
    In a community where access to safe water has changed lives, read how the town water woman is helping to improve them even more by encouraging her neighbors to build toilets at home.
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