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  • Empowered to do more
    Around the world 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation, and 1 billion still defecate in the open. Some of the biggest obstacles for women with children in developing countries can be the struggle to keep safe water in the home and ensure the whole family has a place nearby to relieve themselves. With WaterCredit Hamsavani built a toilet at home. By removing the daily obstacle of having no place to 'go', which before, posed a time and safety issue for her family, now she is free to successfully run a sewing business to support her family. The income she makes from the business can pay for the family's needs like school uniforms or food. This small improvement in Hamsavani's life has empowered her to make big changes.
  • $1B for water & sanitation congratulates our partner Grameen Koota on their recent achievement of lending more than $1B INR ($16.3M US) to individual borrowers in India to address their household water and sanitation needs.
  • Hello From the Classroom
    Recently the team visited these students in Bangalore, India. The kids here have time to go to school because their mothers and sisters came together to get safe water connections to twenty households in their community. Access to safe water means better opportunities for children, thank you for making their future brighter.

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