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Water Canada
  • Here's to beautiful rainy days
    Grace and her family had always hoped to be able to afford a rainwater catchment system and water tank. Grace envisioned the day when her young daughter wouldn’t have to walk to collect water. Now, with every rainy day, her hope turns into a beautiful reality.
  • Here's to a future doctor in India
    Through’s WaterCredit program Vijaylakshmi and her family have their very own toilet. No longer do they have to walk to an open field at odd hours, fearing for their safety, and wasting what could be valuable time, just to find a place to relieve themselves.
  • Here's to opportunity
    Vimala, Rangaraj and their family now have affordable access to safe water at home. Before, they had to spend three hours a day carrying it from a communal source. The family now has easy access to safe water, creating more time and energy for a better life. Read about how their dream came true.
Circle of Blue | Reporting the Global Water Crisis

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