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Water Canada
  • Building a better life
    Chikkaidha is building a home for his family. Through he was able to build a toilet and water tap as well. His family is pleased to experience these improvements in their life. Read their story.
  • Safe Water for Jyoti's Family
    It is common for families to lose hours of what could be productive days due to water-borne illnesses. This was the case for Jyoti's family. They live in Assam, India where according to our partner organization, Asomi, many are still dependent on water from rain, streams and rivers for drinking and other domestic purposes. These sources have proven to be unsafe. Before they had access to a safe water source close to their home, Jyoti had no choice but to bathe her children in a local pond. "Whenever my children took a bath in the pond water, they fell ill. We had health issues such as fever, cough," said Jyoti. When her children were sick they could not attend school, and Jyoti's time was spent caring for them rather than working. Through Jyoti and her husband were able to construct a water tap at home. Now she is pleased to have safe water at home, and to see her children enjoying a healthier lives.
  • What a toilet means to 16-year-old Mbete
    Mbete’s school and community got toilets and safe water for first time. Now, with some of her most basic needs met, she can focus on her education and opportunities for a better life.
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