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  • Pride In Ownership
    Members of the water committee in Habeshemba, Ethiopia, check the repair toolkit for their community well. The very small monthly fees that users pay covered the cost of these tools, which are a kind of insurance against the well breaking down. Committee members are able to make the repairs themselves and ensure the well has a long, productive life.
  • Reaping the benefits of a composting toilet
    Composting toilets are a win in rural India. Improved sanitation means better health for the owners and their neighbors. After the pit has been used for about a year and is getting full, they seal the pit for 6-9 months to allow heat and decomposition to kill off harmful bacteria. The resulting material is a rich fertilizer that can be safely used in the garden or on the farm.
  • A Simple Dream
    For this couple, daydreams about what they could do if they had access to water were things they discussed often. Read more about how they achieved safe water at home.
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