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  • BioMaxx Wastewater Solutions Inc.

    BioMaxx Wastewater Solutions is a proud Canadian company revolutionizing the wastewater industry; providing safe, efficient, & cost-effective practical solutions for the elimination of odour, corrosion & safety issues associated with sulfides/H2S in wastewater collection systems and WWTP’s. Our full-spectrum monitoring, analysis & assessment programs pinpoint causes of odour/corrosion, determine severity of grease issues & design/implement […]

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  • Canadian Bottled Water Association Responds to Ontario’s Moratorium

    The Canadian Bottled Water Association has issued a response to the Ontario government’s two-year moratorium on new or expanded water takings from groundwater by bottling companies, as well as stricter rules for renewals of existing permits. It reads: The conversation on water-taking permits and related fees in Ontario lacks clarity. The “Permit to Take Water” has […]

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  • The Water Brothers: Model SYPs

    Alex and Tyler Mifflin are the co-hosts of their own eco-adventure TV series called Water Brothers, which is broadcast on the TVO network. Currently, they are hard at work editing their 4th season, which is expected to be aired in January 2017. As the name suggests, each Water Brothers episode focuses on “uncovering the most […]

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  • Matt Damon On Access To Water
    Access to clean water isn't just about saving lives, it's also about changing the nature of one's life and allowing them to live up to their potential as human beings. - Matt Damon, Co-Founder,
  • Milk Money
    Bachamma and her husband live in a thatched-roof home with a covered entry where they keep their dairy cows. In addition to drinking water for her family, she needs to water their cows multiple times a day to keep up their milk production.
  • A toilet is a beautiful thing
    What if you didn’t have a toilet home? Or one even nearby? Where would you go? What if finding an answer to these questions was part of your daily life? A toilet is something we rarely give a second thought until we need to use it. But for millions of people, a toilet is something they rarely - if ever - get to use.
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